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One of Brent Steepe’s main goals in founding Advanced Training Techniques was to guide clients away from pain killers and other medications and supplements, helping them to establish healthy lifestyles and to get in tune with their body signals. “All too often we, as a society, became too quick to ‘lean’ on the ‘crutches’ of pain killers, blood medications, supplements, fat burners, and bad advice without even giving the body a fighting chance with lifestyle changes and proper body signaling,” he says. Through his company, which he founded on a vision to make personal training affordable for all, he’s been able to do just that, through on-site training, video training through Skype, as well as post-rehabilitation therapy, multi-level fitness instruction, massage, healthy living seminars and lifestyle coaching. “In every journey in life I seek to better those around me,” he notes on his LinkedIn profile, “thus providing a more positive and productive life for myself in the process.”

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It's a new year, time to recalibrate your thinking!

Why measuring just your weight isn't enough.

Same height: 5'9

Same weight: 190lbs

Different body fat percentages.

In the end, it's the body composition that makes the difference!

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Here is a pic that has been floating around as of is a general depiction of what happens when a stroke occurs. What do you know?

In America, a Stroke kills one person every 4 minutes. (per AHA Heart Disease & Stroke Stats Update 2012)

Can you help identify they symptoms?
SUDDEN slurred speech, confusion, dizziness, lack of coordination, numbness of the face, and/or weakness of the arms are symptoms of someone having a stroke.

Think someone you love or close to you may be having a are a few tips.

TALK - WAVE - SMILE (Dr. Jane Brice of Univ of NC-Chapel Hill

TALK - Have them repeat a small sentence or phrase to you (ie) chicken soup
WAVE - Ask them if they can raise both arms overhead without difficulty
SMILE - Have them to smile big enough to expose their teeth

If they have an unusual challenge understanding or performing these directions, call for immediate attention from EMS. Your friend or loved one may in fact be having a stroke and need assistance ASAP.

Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Advanced Training Techniques hosted an instructional for the Webelos Pack 206 to help them get ready for their Fitness & Athlete badges. The boys got to learn a little about the fitness "High Five" which has been used to educate youth on the importance of Rest, Hydration, Activity, Nutrition, and Fun for their daily lives. Of course, it wouldn't be as fun learning about Fitness & Athleticism without being able to move, so Mr. Steepe also taught the boys some tips about body posture, control while in motion, and how to exercise safely. We look forward to working with Pack 206 again, and other groups just like them helping to promote healthy youth programming.

Check out the pictures from the event here!
Advanced Training Techniques, Incorporated began with one vision to make high quality personal training affordable to everyone in Michigan! All too often we, as a society, became too quick to "lean" on the "crutches" of pain killers, blood medications, supplements, fat burners, and bad advice without even giving the body a fighting chance with lifestyle changes and proper body signaling.

Utilizing our techniques, it continues to be shown that increasing your internal awareness leads to a healthy, more energetic, proportional, and issue-free body. Since we rely very little on external methods (that is correct, we really don't even use much equipment!), fitness becomes an idea that you can custom fit to the being, and take with you anywhere. It is on these premises that we are founded, and continue to service any and all places we visit.

With the Baby-Boomers aging, nutrition declining, and the birth of the techno-revolution we need to face the reality that Michigan has a large percentage in need of training assistance, and yet unable to fill that need with quality, affordable, and convenient training services.

Whether the goal is to change your attitude, your physique, or your routine, or to recover from and injury and/or prevent one in later life, everyone can benefit from the services we offer.